• What’s Groovin’ This Month!
    Welcome to Innovative Audio, Canada’s largest in-house service and repair center for vintage equipment and speakers!

     Well, lets have some FUN!

    For the first time ever, Innovative Audio is having a Thanksgiving TWO sale!
    So what does that mean? Easy; Two speakers at 22% off between the Canadian & American Thanksgivings! (October 7th – November 26).
    Yes, you read that right: ANY 2 speakers (pair) in our store at 22% off!
    Truly (twoly) something to be thankful for (or too)!  Consignment speakers excluded from this insanity!


    Check out our equipment for sale pages!

    All items come with a warranty, giving you that piece of mind that someone is always here to help you with after sales service should you need it. Grab yourself an album, put it on your turntable, sit back and listen while you take a look around our website.

    We’re added a new section: AUDIO BARGAINS.

    Once they are gone, they’re gone! Check out items here where we will be adding more on a monthly basis!


    UPDATE:  Parts no longer available for sale

    Another change and update we are implementing is we NO LONGER SELL PARTS, except turntable related items, ie. belts, cartridges, styluses. We apologize to the DIYers, the home audio enthusiast repair guys or those just wanting to tinker with a unit, but we do not have the staff, nor the inventory listed to make it possible to find them easily and too many vague questions have taken time away from our main jobs here. There are numerous electronic specialized shops in Vancouver that sell parts, so give us a call if you are wanting to find out where you can possibly find your parts locally. We’ll be happy to share that information.

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