So tongue in cheek to start with this month, please use other door…


What door you ask?? Yes, it’s been a whirlwind start to the month. Go figure, our front retail area was broken into this month… to steal a total of $150.00 cash. The damage to the building was staggering, but with the efforts of all those involved in getting things back in the groove we managed to get the store in some semblance of order in a very short time – one day to be exact!  All that damage, all the clean up, all the efforts combined to rectify an incident that netted a mere $150.00. Go figure…

We wanted to thank everyone who has emailed, phoned and facebooked their well wishes. We just wanted to let everyone know we are up running as per usual.

Be sure to stop by soon. We promise there isn’t too much dust!

Gordon & Susan


Our Facebook notice about our break-in brought out the best in our customers and we appreciate all your well wishes and offers to pitch in and cleanup.

We are back up and running though – we do have the aftermath of getting back to looking the same as we did before as we have no front glass and this amazing “orange” plastic where once our signage and glass used to be.

No worries, we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  We are just using our “old” store entrance until all the glass and framing is restored.

All of us here at Innovative Audio want to say thank you and we’ll keep you up to date as we move forward!

Equipment For Sale

Equipment pages have been updated – November 21, 2014