Happy New Year everyone!

Did you all make it through the Christmas season???  Did Santa spoil you?  Did Uncle Fred do something behind the Christmas tree that you wish you’d never seen?  Really?

Let me start by saying I had a fantastic holiday season and hope that you all did too!  Our family was spared the ‘dreaded’ cold so many endured this year and we had the opportunity to spend some time to relax and chat with family and friends throughout the time we were off.

But we’re back at it and looking forward to restocking the shelves with new goodies.  Gord is away at CES in Las Vegas this week and is hunting down some new products that hopefully we can bring to our store.  He has seen so many wonderful inventions (and some of them are doozers) as well as some over the top – are you serious! – kind of equipment too!  I mean he is in Vegas!!

We look forward to serving you in the near future and if we can help you relive your youth through music or you’re wanting to start out small and work your way up, then please stop on in.  We’d love to help you along this journey.

Until next month


Equipment For Sale

Equipment pages have been updated – January 16, 2015