Pioneer CT-F900 Cassette Deck

Right off the bat these are considered a 'rare' deck as they were only made for one year (1978-1979) and were replaced by the CT-F950. So what really does that mean? The reality is that the Pioneer line of decks sold very well on almost all models and even though the 900's were only sold for a year, there were MILLIONS of them sold. Factor in an amazing build quality and you got a deck that sounds as good today as it did then.

The CT-F900 specs are still impressive, even today; Specifications: Motors: 1x DC-Servo for Capstan - 1x DC for FF/REW Rec Head: Sendust PB head: Sendust Erase head: Ferrite Frequency response: 30Hz - 15 kHz (3dB, Normal) 30Hz - 17 kHz (3dB, CrO2) 30Hz...15 kHz (3dB, Ferrochrome) S/N ratio: > 54dB (Dolby out) > 64dB (Dolby in) Wow & Flutter: 0.14% (DIN, weighted) < 0.05% (WRMS) Line inputs: 60mV/10kOhm Mic inputs: 0,3mV/30kOhm Max input level: 25V [?] Outputs: Line (640mV/50kOhm) Headphones (90mV/8Ohm) Dimensions: 42 x 18.7 x 36.2cm Weight: 11kg.

As always, this vintage audio deck comes with our full 30 day warranty and has been completely checked over to insure proper calibration, BIAS and equipped with new belt kit & idler tire for perfect functionality.


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