Legendary Garrard 301 Turntable

Every now and again an item appears that simply defies description.

When we first saw this table we knew that it had been created to be a statement piece, simply one of a kind. Every aspect of this table is on a grand scale, and I can only hope to describe them properly.

First, the plinth is a thing of beauty by itself. Using African Bubinga (or African rosewood), the plinth is absolutely solid. There were NO nails or screws used to assemble, only wood dowels and glue. Sonically, this is one of the better types of wood to use however the costs are enormous. The plinth is hand-crafted, with brass inserts for the lettering. Each letter had to carved in and set. To have a plinth like this custom made with materials would cost $1200.00 - $1700.00 by itself.

From there we move to the Garrard 301 table itself. The unit number (51400/2) denotes that this is a 'schedule 2' table and is oil bearing - NOT grease. The motor is excellent and very strong. Upon testing, we found that in 33 rpm mode it took the motor 1/8th of a rotation to stop after turning unit off. That's how good the braking is! The speeds are dead on, with no drift or differential at all. There are NO chips, scratches or other damaging marks anywhere on this table aside from VERY minor wear over the years. The controls work perfectly, with NO 'slop or looseness' in any of them. Each control is in perfect working / functional condition. After checking this table thoroughly on our bench, we found that the mechanics of this table are in near perfect condition, so this table will operate wonderfully for many years still to come. Tables in this condition regularly sell on-line for $1200.00 and up.

Next we have one of two tonearms mounted on this unit. The first being a standard SME 3012 series 2 tonearm in perfect working condition. The bearings on this arm are great, with no signs of any looseness or 'wiggling'. This arm is solid, and operates extremely smoothly. All parts are present, including the original weight so often missing on these! The cartridge is a Shure V15 Type III, with stylus, having very little wear when checked under our scope. Collectors the world over know this tonearm, and are highly sought after due to the fact they are 12" 'transcription type' and NOT the standard 9" found with the SME 3009 series. 3012 Tonearms sell on line for $1000.00 - $1500.00 depending on condition and series.

The next tonearm is an Ortofon RMG-309 12" 'transcription type'. The weight was replaced using a custom made BRASS weight to accommodate an Ortofon SPU Classic GM E mk II moving coil cartridge with minimal wear. (More info on this cartridge can be found by clicking here.

Needless to say, it sounds unbelievable and is probably of the best combinations I have ever heard! This tonearm can be found for sale by itself for $1800.00 - $2600.00 on line and the cartridge for $500.00 - 950.00 depending on condition.

So, with all that this table represents you can see that no costs were spared. Even the four hinged dust cover was custom made to protect the incredible components making up this unique turntable system. This is your chance to own a once in a lifetime piece, probably the only one in the world, for your very own.



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