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Closed for the holiday season from December 24th

and reopening on Monday, January 3rd, 2011


December 20th, 2011

* insert drum roll here * The 'Big Announcement':

Over the past few years, we have made quite a few changes with regards to store hours, location, size of 'showroom' and other items too numerous to mention. Yes, this also recently included the closing of our retail store. It seems that there has been so many changes over the years, we have earned the nickname 'Renovative Audio'. Now, to be fair, we often make these changes based upon staffing, business costs and other mitigating factors including (most recently) my health.

Over the past 7 weeks we have been listening to our valued customers and understand with the closure of our retail side, coupled with Saturday closures, and that even when we had the store, there was very little room to demo speakers or get new gear out. The website was also an issue with 'updates'.

So we have given this many hours of thought and have come up with what we hope is a win-win situation all around. We have had many volunteers helping to get all this ready for a new look opening in the New Year. It's not quite there, but we'll let you in on what we are doing.

First, the 'Record Room' will return - at twice the size! This will be located upstairs in a new showroom location. Yup, you read that right - the second floor will be our main retail operation full of wonderful, incredible vintage equipment! We will have a huge array of cool gear as well as our 'Speaker wall' will be back! In addition, we have also brought back our 'cable wall' and will be blowing out a ridiculous amount of audio / video cables at really insane prices! We'll be bringing in speaker cable and re-stocking with some new turntable products as well.

On the lower floor we will be having our parts department. Yes, your eyes have not deceived you - parts will finally be making their way out of the dark recesses of the warehouse and be available for sale. This will include speaker drivers, knobs, turntable dustcovers, reel to reel hubs, bits and pieces, etc.

And we are not done yet! More and more will be put up on the website as we clear out stock from the warehouse. As you are no doubt aware, we have a HUGE amount of stock; I love to hoard - can't help myself! But what good are all these items if no one can see them, buy them and enjoy them (guess I have to give up the thought of it's mine….. all mine *grin*) Uh huh, that's what we thought. So, now it is time to put our best foot forward and deliver on what we have been touting for years - that we ARE Canada's largest vintage audio one stop shop!

We haven't settled on a grand re-opening date just yet, but it looks like the beginning of February. At this point our hours of operation have not been decided as we are working on staffing issues. As soon as WE know, you will too!

So we hope this is a BIG ENOUGH announcement to keep everyone waiting for the banner to go up on the website in the New Year! We're excited to find all kinds of goodies as we get things into position to show off the vast amount of things stored away for the past few years.

With that, one of the merriest seasons is upon us and we wanted to wish one and all the very best that Christmas has to offer! So, from all of us here, to all of you, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We're closed for the holiday season from December 24th and reopening on Monday, January 3rd, 2011. Where does the time go! Happy Holidays from all of us at Innovative Audio.



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