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December 2010

Ok, I admit that this month was a bit of a bummer for those that missed the notice that our retail contingent is now closed and made the trek anyways…for that I am really sorry but I may have some good news.

As you may be aware, November offered a huge amount of time for me to re-evaluate quite a number of things. As a result, there will be a major announcement on December 20th regarding these decisions. I think for the most part they will be met with big smiles.

Around my family this is the season that receives the most attention. Yes, I am one of those that likes to play with lights around the yard and to put up a ton of decorations but there is more to it than that. I am one of those people that takes to pulling out those Christmas LPs that have been tucked away in the dark for months and give them a spin. I have no idea why listening to a Christmas record brings such an incredible emotional response. Perhaps the clicks and tics during the classic songs are part of the allure but in general, the season is not truly Christmas without records.

My only BIG beef is with radio stations and stores that feel compelled to start playing Christmas songs one second after midnight October 31st. What the hell are you trying to do and better yet - why??? I certainly do not feel 'Christmassy' with ghosts and goblins still littering the mock graveyard in my front yard and certainly NOT in the spirit of things when decorations start appearing November 1st at a store near you.

I certainly do love Christmas and hope that above all else that my one wish will one day come true - peace on Earth.



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