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February 2011

Whew, we did it. With the help of many, many volunteers that put in some REALLY long hours we are back open with all of the features we have had in the past with a few more too! TWO full floors of vintage audio products, backed by our 30 day warranty; tested and ready to be used by vintage audio lovers the world over once again.

Not too many companies like ours are left in the country. I was doing a search of the web last night and it's getting extremely difficult, especially in Canada, to find vintage audio repair specialty sources, such as ours. Do yourself a favour and stop in and see just what we've made available to our customers. It's not 100% priced and some aren't in the system yet, but we're going to be working some more long hours over the next few weeks as we see just what it is our customers like and want more of. Let us know. I think you'll be excited at all the stuff we're making available especially for the DIY's.

Our website is all updated with new pricing and equipment choices. Still a few more things we're going to be bringing out as time allows. We want to be your number ONE source for older audio equipment.

Don't forget we are always looking to purchase good quality, working or not, older stereo equipment and speakers. Drop us an email with your make and model of items you're wanting to sell and we'll let you know what we can do to help you out.

REMEMBER! We pay the highest amount for used equipment anywhere in Canada! Working or not!

We offer a full consignment service as well! Yup, not only will we sell your item for you, but we will also insure that it is cleaned, tested and inspected to insure that it meets the demands of our customers. We will even take photo's of it to post on our site! FREE! When selling high value items, this is one of the best choices for both you and customers.

Online buy / sell services are fine however you simply do not who is coming to your door, or into your home, to check out your audio gear for sale. Not to mention waiting for people all day who just either forgot or decided not to show without the decency of a phone call. Hey, sometimes these ads pay off but are you really willing to take the chance?

Lastly, we are now on Facebook! Click the facebook logo on the right hand sidebar to take you directly there. Check us out and see all the great photo's & video's that are simply TOO BIG for our website!

We look forward to seeing our regular customers and hope to meet some new ones. Be sure to stop in and say hi.




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