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February 2012

I for one am glad that January is now over.

I have no idea why, but January - although a great month for both sales and repairs - just seemed long, moody and miserable. Maybe it's the weather, given that it rained almost every day or possibly that tax season is slowly rearing its ugly head and giving people the willies. Whatever the reasons, it's now February, Punxsutawney Phil decreed that there will be 6 more weeks of winter (although here in Vancouver we had a couple of great days - finally - and its t-shirt weather!) and the somber mood seems to be slowly abating.

Ok, so time to break some incredible news;

First, as of April 1st - no fooling! - we will be doubling the size of Innovative Audio! Yep, construction should be full steam ahead to knock out walls, build massive repair benches, paint and move an incredible amount of equipment to the new Repair section. Due to the tremendous amount of gear coming in not only locally, but from all over North America to be repaired (how cool is that!) this had to be done. Factor in the sheer volume of pro equipment that we are now doing, and this became a no-brainer. This will take a few weeks to complete, and when finished will increase our current repair facility from a mere 350 square feet to over 2000! Plans are in the works to incorporate areas for speaker drivers, parts and other goodies that have accumulated over the years!

So if this was not big enough news, we are currently working on bringing online our new website. Over January we have been planning, designing and simplifying our new site to help find things easier, faster and add all the cool things that the old site was lacking. The biggest reason for this was simply this; updating the new site will take a whole lot less time giving us the opportunity to update more often and more accurately. (Yeah!)

What else? Well, January was certainly a month that saw a massive amount of equipment coming into our facility and we had to hire extra staff just to try and keep up. We bought gear from all over BC and Washington and boy is it great stuff! If you get the chance drop by quick as a good deal of these goodies sell fast!

Oh yeah, mark your calendars for June 10th, 2012. We are booking this date for our 5th Vintage Audio and Record Garage Sale!

Whew! I need to get busy!

See ya next month!



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