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July 2010

What else can we say about June but WOW! Aside from the local weather, June was an amazing month for events, sales and 'new' equipment being added into inventory.

Also in June, we were honored to be featured in the local newspaper in a cool story about vintage audio and our garage sale. The story can be seen online here.

As you may have noticed, we 'spruced' up our website a bit. Well, actually a lot. In fact, every page has been affected to some degree but we think the effort is worth it. Easier to navigate, as well as upcoming search engines to help you find items easier and faster.

In addition, we are in the process of having automatic updates with regards to our inventory. This starts from our main point of sale system and needless to say, what a joy it will be to have items instantly available on our website at the exact second they are available for sale!

Also, you may have noticed new categories that we have been working on including our Feature page and Clearance items. These will be built in the next short while and will have great items available that were currently unavailable. There are simply too many items to list and go into here but suffice to say in the next few weeks things will be happening fast and furiously!

We have had a HUGE response to Brent Butterworth's article on 8 tracks and people have called / written and emailed us to see if there are any more! At this point in time I cannot say but I have made inquiries and am simply waiting to hear back from other great writers.

Last month was our fourth annual Garage Sale and I cannot say thank you enough to all the great people that helped put this event together. As for the band TRAMA, you guys are the best and the music you provided was certainly the high point of the day. It should be noted that all the electronic gear needed for TRAMA was graciously provided by R & R Music of Delta. So to Bill Roberts and his staff we would like to take this moment to thank you for an incredible job.

Until next month!


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