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June 2010

WOW! June already! The 'Vintage Audio & Record Garage Sale' on Sunday, June 13th was a great success! Take a look at the pictures that were taken here.

We have added more content to our site in both our Articles section and our Manuals/Schematics section (FINALLY!)

In our Articles section we are very honored and proud to have a lost classic that originally appeared in Home Theater magazine in February 1997 that you have to read to believe! Written by Brent Butterworth this gem will certainly put a smile on face as you relive 8-track utopia! The other really great article (again with permission) is one on how to refurbish a turntable. Well written, tons of info, and a very good read.

This brings us to our manuals… Over the years we have accumulated (read HOARDED) literally thousands of manuals, schematics and brochures that have been thoughtfully put aside and promptly forgotten about. This towering paper mountain recently demanded attention when it keeled over and almost buried our shipping department. From that moment on our staff have been typing trying to organize each and every one of these items and has produced the first batch that has now been posted. We will be posting more when they open up another drawer to discover more

More later!


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