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May 2011

It would be an understatement to say that the start of this month was nothing less than shocking. Canadian politics wrote history on May 2nd and it should be a real interesting ride for the next four years. While on politics I need to draw attention to a candidate in the riding of Pointe-aux-Trembles named David Cox. I have known Mr. Cox since 1997 and I was filled with incredible pride to see that he has tossed his hat into the political ring. Although David did not get elected this time around I feel that this is one candidate that is certainly worth noting in future elections. Way to go Dave!



Yup, our 4th Annual Garage sale on June 12th is booking spaces and this would be a great time to mark this on your calendar! There will a ton of bargains and with the addition of great music, food and prizes this will one awesome day! Click here for more details!

During the month of May we have decided to do a little something specialůso, here it is..... for the entire month we are offering a 25% discount on any and all repairs through our shop. Kinda like a 'Repair May-nia'. As this is the time of the year most items get tossed out or put into the dreaded 'yard sale' because it's not working we want to offer another option. So bring in those items and get them back up and running again with the best service in the industry! This offer is for labor only and not parts - sorry. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with our Tapeheads.Net discount.

Did you know that there is a ton of great deals on our sales floors that are not advertised on our website? Due to the huge volume of goods that we get on a weekly basis we have decided to pass along theses deals directly to our customers! This includes speakers for $10.00 and up, audio equipment starting at $5.00 and a host of other phenomenal deals that are literally on a first come, first served basis!

With spring finally on our doorstep it is certainly a wonderful time of the year to start planning those Bar-B-Ques on the back deck with friends, family and of course, great music so why not stop in today to see what we have that can make these occasions just a wee bit better with maybe a new turntable, reel to reel tape deck or maybe a set of retro speakers to create the perfect atmosphere!

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