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September 2010

Like the commercial sings 'It's the most wonderful time of the year'! Yup, the kids are going back to school!

So now would be a great time to get all that gear repaired from those summer parties, the weekend blow outs, and the daily grind of teenager induced sessions of endless hours playing rap while you're at work.

So now that the fall is dawning, and the cooler days (and nights) have us retreating indoors, this is the start of the 'cocooning' season. Men (and some women to be fair), will often start pulling out all the garage sale 'goodies' acquired over the summer months and start playing with them. This may include projects, crafts, hobby stuff, cool odds and ends, tools or other really neat things.

Now, what better way to while away the time then to have music in the background while doing this? Perhaps you grabbed a smoking hot deal on records but need a turntable to play them? Maybe you got a great set of speakers but need an awesome amp? Yup, we can help. Like others, we also have bought heavily over the summer months from all over BC and Washington State. We have amassed an incredible amount of goodies and our shelves are almost over-flowing.

So, if you're looking to either build or increase your 'Man Cave' domicile or wanting to get the teenager - abused stereo repaired, come on by. We not only understand your wants and needs, but we can also help you out.

During the month of September save 15% on ALL repairs! Yup, you read that right! Save 15% on all in-house repairs including speakers, amplifiers, receivers, tape players or any other audio item you wish to bring in! Please note this is for repairs only and not for parts or supplies used in repairs.

Also, did you know that Fred Meyer in the States now sells vinyl??? Yessir, I bought a BRAND NEW 180 gram, 4 LP set half-speed mastered for only 50 clams! Wow! Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' 30th Anniversary LP with all the goodies was only 24 bucks! Awesome! This is one sweet deal you seriously need to check out!

See ya next month!


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