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People are always looking for things, whether its parts, accessories or specific pieces of gear and sometimes the task can be pretty time consuming. In addition, posting online can create all kinds of headaches and having your ad deleted unexpectedly can also be frustrating. We, just like you also know the importance of getting the right piece for the right price which is why we built this page.

This is a FREE service, with nothing to log in or subscribe to. We simply want to help others by having a list that's easy to find things and even easier to use. If you are interested in using this list, simply email what you are looking for including make / model, what part (or piece) and a dollar amount you would like to pay. Send your email to and we will load it as soon as possible. You must have a valid email address for people to respond to! That's it, that easy. We only ask that once your transaction has completed to let us know so we can delete your posting.

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15-11-11Various Weird old instruments, mixers, dusty old late 70's, 80's drum machines and synths (roland TR-anything! moog, korg, telefunken, yamaha, alesis, oberheim dmx,
15-11-11Luxman C-300 Preamp & M-300 Power Amp. Must be in excellent working condition. These 2 amps were designed to be used together and would prefer to buy from the same person$350 each
18-10-11ThorensTD-125 with SME armprice
18-10-11HitachiPS-1145 Turntable - drive
27-09-11Castle Looking for smaller rears to match my Castle speakers. Prefer one of the smaller models measuring less than 12" as they are to be used for surround
B791 Turntable
Onkyo Integra
P-388F preamp with remote control & preferably with original box & manual - must be in at least excellent condition & 100%
Onkyo Integra
CP-1280F turntable with headshell & counterweight (cartridge not necessary) & preferably with original box & manual - must be in at least excellent condition & 100%