Vintage Audio & Record Swap Meet – July 12, 2008

For those of you that turned out as either a buyer or seller, thank you! We really hope you had as much fun being there as we did.

Here are just a few of the pictures of this incredible event taken by Linda C.


There is a long list of people and sponsors that really made this event just that much better and I want to take the time to thank them for their efforts, their time, and for the great support they gave to this event.

To our honored guests:

Jerry Doucette – Truly a gentleman in ever respect. Jerry Doucette is without a doubt one of the most down to earth guys I have had the pleasure to meet. Charismatic, amicable, and simply a lot of fun to be around, Mr. Doucette brought to this event a style that simply cannot be duplicated. One of the nicest people you can ever hope to meet – he has an open invitation to the Thursday ‘Dog & Pony Show’ near our shop anytime he wishes! If you want to get the latest on projects or events by Jerry Doucette, check out:

Chad Allen – What else can be said about Chad Allen that thousands haven’t said already? Having Mr. Allen at this event was colossal, and we were humbled to have him come by and help out. We can only hope that a man of his stature and character can continue to bring great memories to all those that get the chance to meet him. There is a ton of websites featuring Chad Allen and a good place to start would be:

Larry Hennessey – To those who do not recognize the name need only to tune into Jack FM in the mornings and hear the hilarious antics of radio veterans Larry & Willy. Not only playing ‘What they want’, both Larry & Willy have been entertaining radio audiences for twenty years and are without a doubt the best radio duo anywhere. At this event Larry brought his style and charm and simply elevated a simple ‘swap meet’ into something grand. Everyone we spoke to agreed that Larry brought a certain ‘magic’ to this event that made this day, well, just that much better. You can catch up on all the latest in music, events and of course Larry at:

Neptoon Records – These guys are the real deal. Neptoon stepped up to the plate and helped out more than can ever be asked and it was a privilege to partner with them at this event. Jamie was just great. With his insight and expertise in helping smooth out the rough edges we managed to mold this day into something special. Ben was the creative genius who designed the great poster and in addition our hats are tipped to Rob, the captain of the Neptoon crew. Want the best? Deal with the best. Neptoon Records. Visit their website

Big Valley Auctions – Tony Sharbinin and his crew worked God only knows how many hours to put together one of the largest collections of audio gear ever to be auctioned under one roof in years. Tony was THE backbone to this side of the event and his many years of expertise certainly showed. Tony worked harder and longer than anyone to bring together a fantastic auction. Not only a pleasure to work with, Tony has a great sense of humor that certainly came in handy during those moments where the hours were getting really long. It is with great pride that a call him my friend. Visit them at their website at to view upcoming auctions.

There are four more people I need to make special mention of – Marc and Debbie Carriere, Rick Heaton, and Susan Gordon. These people contributed more than anyone could have possibly imagined and I can honestly say that if it were not for them, this event would have been thrown way off course. These people stepped up and put in grueling hours lugging thousands of pounds of gear without a single complaint, folding and storing countless tables, cleaning, sorting and keeping things going and on track. Saturday started at 4:30 AM for Susan and she was still going strong at 1:00 AM Sunday morning when the truck was finally loaded and returned to the shop. To Marc & Debbie, you guys are simply the best. I will always be in your debt.

A great place to hold your future events is the South Delta Rec Center. The office team was helpful and provided lots of answers to questions we needed answered. And their after hours staff, Anthony & Chad, went way beyond what we could have asked for and had a cheerful smile on their faces when we needed a helpful hand.

Our great sponsors!

  • McIntosh Audio – Donated beautiful coffee mugs and cool baseball hats!
  • Cambridge Audio – Donated great fleece jackets and awesome polo shirts!
  • Gbayemporium – A great place to buy hard to find CD’s, DVD’s and other fantastic items donated a huge pile of brand new CD’s of various artists and ultra-cool Deep Purple DVD’s! Check out this awesome seller on EBAY for hundreds of incredible bargains!

And to everyone that attended – THANK YOU!