CLOSED APRIL 20th and ANNOUNCEMENTS ….. Click here for details

Have a few housekeeping items to let you know about:

  •  We will be closed on Saturday, April 20th for the Vaisakhi parade day.  We are doing this because the City of Surrey is expanding the parade ‘envelope’ to include our business area – all the way from King George Hwy to Scott Road and we’re smack dab in the middle.  It has made it very difficult for our customers to get to us in the past and this event is only growing in size – sometimes it can take upwards of an hour just to drive 6 blocks, so we made the executive decision to close for the day.   WE WILL BE OPEN ON SUNDAY, APRIL 21st from 10-4pm
  • We will be increasing our hourly repair rate from $120 to $130/hr effective May 1 which will help us keep up with rising business costs.  As always, we are committed to providing quality products and services to you and appreciate your business and continued support.  Deposits will change as well from $50 to $75 per unit.  Please note that this deposit is still deducted from your final invoice should you complete the repair.
  • A little bird says that our annual garage sale is set for June 9th (the Sunday before Father’s Day).  Details will be finalized by end of April.