Vintage Audio & Record Garage Sale – June 12, 2016

On June 12th, 2016 we hosted our 9th Annual Garage Sale. The weather cooperated from start to finish this year – thank goodness.  All week long we were hearing it was going to rain.  A few vendors dropped out because of that, but the diehard Vancouverites come prepared – lots of tents and selling out of the back of the cars and vans!  Party on!

Rick Slawson, Cam Steere, Gale Vincent, Ken Jencks, Mark Smith, Edwin Shih & James Ross – You were all there at the crack of dawn to get everything into place and worked tirelessly throughout the day to ensure everyone was looked after.  Thanks to Paul & Nando for providing some of the pics of the event. You all rock!

All in all, an amazing day. People found some long lost LP’s in amongst the boxes and boxes of records that were for sale and some purchased cool gear.

To everyone who attended, to all the vendors who brought in their gear to sell, and all the volunteers who put in some crazy hours, I thank you!  I feel privileged to live in an amazing city with people who enjoy this as much as I do and appreciate them supporting this event!