Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have answered hundreds of questions regarding our products and services.  Over those same years we realized that there are those questions that seem to asked over and over so we thought it would be brilliant to simply try and answer the most common ones here.


Do you ship items you have for sale anywhere in North America?

Yes we do

Including Hawaii? 

Yes, including Hawaii. And Alaska for those that still believe its a different country.

How does your shipping work?

First, we will give you a quotation for the shipping costs once you provide us with a valid postal code or zip code.  We also include insurance, should the item be damaged in transit, and also a nominal charge for the box and packaging materials used. We will only ship using Canada Post and if going to the U.S.A. parcels will go through customs and USPS finishes the delivery.

PLEASE NOTEWe do not alter customs documents for a different amount than what you paid so please, do not ask us to do this.

If you are in B.C. and in a remote area we sometimes will check if Greyhound is cheaper (and they give the option of C.O.D. for the delivery costs) and pickup can be at their terminal which is sometimes more convenient for the customer.

Items going to the USA can seem expensive, but it also is just as expensive for the same item to go from the your location up to us. We don’t set the rates, so please don’t yell at us.

I would like to try to calculate shipping costs, where exactly are you guys located?

We are located in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada. The closest ‘large’ US city would be Seattle, about 2.5 hours south of us in Washington State. We are pretty much as close to the ocean as you can get, and about 15 minutes from the Canada/ USA border. For those geographically challenged, we’re approximately 2,700 miles from Toronto, Ontario.

Do you ship items internationally? (outside of North America)

We do on occasion, but it is EXTREMELY expensive and unless it’s an item you just have to have, makes the purchased item cost prohibitive.  If the item is small and lightweight we do have a couple of options through Canada Post that makes it possible to send to you.  Please provide a shipping address so we can get you a quote.

I don’t live close to you, but I want to ship an item to be repaired by you. What information do I need to provide?

Great question, and one that will take some time to answer properly…

In real estate the golden rule is location, location, location.

With shipping, the golden rule is packing, packing, packing.

PLEASE pack your item properly so that it arrives undamaged. This should be self explanatory however we still get expensive audio pieces shipped to us in flimsy diaper boxes, items wrapped in towels and 100 pound behemoths sprinkled with a few styro peanuts…

There is nothing worse than having an item shipped to us to have minor repairs done and finding the unit destroyed by poor packaging. Over the years we have seen it all, from broken off heat sinks, smashed or dented wood cases or worse yet a smashed in front glass panel, all due to improper packing or materials used for packing.

In addition, once you drop off your parcel at the depot or post office, it faces the most formidable foe in shipping – the courier driver. These guys are like the terminator, with zero feelings towards any parcel and an unrelenting challenge to test how much abuse can be extracted during its trip.  Am I exaggerating?  Not at all.  Again, we have been in this business for over ten years and have seen pretty much everything, including the grand-daddy of all – a 3 foot by 3 foot by 2 foot McIntosh box weighing about 200 pounds with truck tire tracks going right over it…

This obviously is a worse case scenario, but should still give one a moment of pause. Lesson here? Plan for the worst, pack like the best.

Start by getting the right materials.  This may be rigid foam (about 1.5″ all the way around, top and bottom) some bubble wrap around the unit and then put inside a sturdy box. Try to allow about 4” minimum between the wall of the box and the item inside. More is better but increased box size means increased cost, so err on the side of caution. Next is weight. The heavier the item the stronger the materials need to be. If needed, double boxing should be considered for extra safety or double-walled. If unsure, consult a packing company (or have them do it) if you need further advice.


Inside your box (or outside in an envelope) put your personal information (name, address) and a phone number where we can reach you to discuss the repair.  We also need a phone number to call to say the unit has arrived and to get your credit card number (don’t put that inside the box please) for the initial estimate deposit.  Include any and all pertinent details about what you know to be wrong with your unit. Do not worry about being ‘long winded’ or including too much information as it certainly helps us diagnose the issue(s) quicker. Remember, we need to know exactly how the unit was used so we can replicate that here in our shop. If you have an email address, and want us to communicate with you in that fashion, please include that as well.

Finally, once the unit is repaired we will call you for final payment, put your unit back into your box, ask how much you want it insured for, collect the shipping payment (unless sent COD) and back it goes to you.  If you find it more convenient, we have no problems with a friend or relative picking it up on your behalf, but please know the unit has to be paid for first, and that we have been told they are coming.  We won’t release a unit to a stranger who doesn’t have the right paperwork.  Just give us a call in advance.

Whew, so that pretty much covers questions on shipping and we hope that helps!


What does your repair warranty cover and just how does it work?

Excellent question, with many answers. For items purchased from our sales floors we carry a full 30 day warranty if priced below $500.00 and a full 90 warranty if priced over $500.00. With our turntables those under $500.00 are warrantied for 6 months while those over $500.00 are warrantied for 1 full year. Sound confusing? It gets better…

All repair work comes with a full 90 warranty on the actual work performed, including parts and speakers are a full 3 years on any repairs performed – including surrounds.

So, I brought an item in for repair about a year ago and never used it.  Now I want to use it and it doesn’t work. Will you repair this under warranty?


Why not?

We have one of (if not THE best) warranty in the business but even we cannot determine how much life a unit has left in it. When we perform a repair, we do our best to go through and look for areas that may cause possible issues down the line and advise our customers of our findings. In some cases these are almost impossible to find (or predict) but may show up after the item was moved, stored or had to be shipped. We highly advise our clientele to check any item that has been repaired first – before being stored or shipped – just in case something may have happened and we can then repair it for you under our warranty.  We’re reasonable people but a year later isn’t a reasonable request.

You shipped an item to me but it doesn’t work properly.  Now what?

We strive to pack our items to ensure they arrive safely and unscathed at their final destination.  We insure the unit for the value you paid as well.  But sometimes during transit things happen (remember the aforementioned courier drivers?)  Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do as we do not know how the item was handled during transit.  Too many times these items can be jostled, dropped or even thrown around one time too many and these old pieces of gear can’t handle it.  We always re-test an item before it is packed for shipping – that’s standard procedure for us.

As a result we had to, unfortunately, take a position that once an item has been shipped out we simply cannot guarantee how it is going to arrive at your location.   It is a problem that we have not found a suitable solution for, so please be aware that if an item arrives not physically damaged but not working, and you choose to send it back to us, we will repair it, at your cost, and ship it back to you, at your cost.  We’re sorry for this policy but door to door is about the safest way these days, though not convenient if you are not from our area.


I just don’t know when I can come pick up my repair.  How long can I leave it there?

Hmmm…. how long are we talking?  A day, or month…. next year?  We do have our limitations.

We request that items be picked up within 2 weeks of being repaired.  At times we have over 100 items for pickup on our shelves and we just don’t have the space.

If you know that you are delayed because of holidays, illness or something beyond your control,  please pick up the phone and let us know!

We simply have no idea when you are planning to arrive, as things change daily in our lives and things do happen. Hey, we understand but when items get left for too long, forgotten about or we need to chase people down that’s when things get unpleasant and we do not want that to happen. Simple solution? If you can call us to pay for the item in full we can then store your item for a maximum of 3 months. After that we have to impose a charge of storage fee – sorry.

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