What Do We Buy?

The following is a list of just some of the equipment we may currently be interested in purchasing. If you have any of the following that you’d like to part with, please give us a call or email us a list with makes and models.

  • 8-track Tapes – Includes any and all types of pre-recorded 8 tracks, blanks, quadraphonic and tape head cleaners. We also take 8 track cases and storage boxes!
  • 8-track Players – Includes players that are stand-alone, combination with radio/record player, recorders, portable and studio grade. Can be either solid state or tube.
  • All-In-One Systems – A complete stereo including a combination of any of the following; cassette player/ 8 track player/ record player/radio/microphone/equalizer. This also includes older mini–systems and newer shelf systems having mini-disc and CD players

  • Amplifiers – Includes any stereo or mono amplifier. Small or large, old or new, solid state or tube.  





  • Audio Component Add-Ons – These include timers, equalizers, reverbs, compressors, handles, remote controls, etc. If you are unsure, please call us!
  • Brochures – Includes posters, sales ads, sales binders, service manuals, schematics, magazines, operator’s manuals etc.
  • Cassette Decks – Includes players that are stand-alone, combination with radio/record player, recorders, portable and studio grade. Also includes older plastic style players and older Sony Walkman types.
  • CD Players – Includes players with or without remote, DAC processors, SONY Walkman types. Items that have a working remote will get priority and will have a higher value
  • Clothing – Jackets, shirts, etc. that have audio company logos or embroidery
  • Ghetto Blasters – The bigger the better. This includes units with single or multi cassettes, record players, equalizers, microphones etc.
  • Headphones – All types including quadraphonic and wireless
  • Integrated Amplifiers – All types including quadraphonic, small or large, old or new, solid state or tube
  • Microphones – All types including microphones from the 1930’s to today
  • Parts – includes anything audio related – record needles, cartridges, knobs, meters, dials, record mats, record cleaners, boxes, manuals, etc. Bring it in!
  • Pre-Amplifiers – Small or large, old or new, solid state or tube
  • Racks and Cabinets – all types in good condition either wood or steel, with equipment or without, except those made for televisions
  • Receivers – stereo receivers from any year, either 2 channel or quadraphonic. Either solid state or tube
  • Record Players – all types including portable and mini players – no consoles please!
  • Records – all types including record storage cases and stands
  • Reel to Reel Tapes – Includes pre-recorded tapes, blank tapes, plastic and metal reels (all sizes – including 3”, 7” and 10”), hub adaptors, tape boxes and storage cases
  • Reel to Reel Players – Includes everything from portable players to studio grade. Can be either solid state or tube, small or large, old or new
  • Signage – Includes dealers signs, light organs, display signage etc.(please call us first with what you have unless it is a small dealer sign!)
  • Speakers – all types including raw drivers, parts, external tweeters, crossovers, sub–woofers, bass and pro speakers
  • Speaker Stands – All types including wood and metal stands, large and small, floor or wall mount
  • Tubes – all types except radio or television tubes
  • Tuners – Includes digital and analog, small or large, old or new and either solid state or tube
  • Turntables – all types including belt or direct drive, home or studio, turntable parts such as tonearms, cartridges, headshells, dustcovers etc.

We are always looking for cool and interesting things. If you have something that is not listed above, and think we may be interested please call us!