Record Store Day – April 20 AND 21, 2018

record store daySeeing people having an appreciation for a music medium – whether its cassette, reel to reel, mini-disc or 8-track – is in itself cool, but if that medium happens to be vinyl, that just makes things that much better.

Its great to see things like Record Store Day, even though we do not normally sell new vinyl here in our store. This year, we are pleased to present local recording artist Steve Jensen, who will be here to sign his newest release on vinyl. Be sure to grab his latest release when you stop in!

Help us celebrate this amazing day – come in and save on all Records and CD’s in stock, and maybe you’ll get a chance to hear and experience something different. Who knows, in another few years we might have an 8-Track Day!


Presenting Steve Jensen

At Innovative Audio, we believe in not only promoting vinyl, regardless of where you buy, but also the artists behind the music. Which is why we support the incredible talent of Steve Jensen and his very first record release!

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7th Annual Vintage Audio & Record Garage sale

Well its confirmed;

Our famous annual ‘Vintage Audio & Record Garage Sale’ has been slated for Sunday, June 14th, 2015. Starting in 2008 we have hosted this awesome event every year here at our store (except the first year which was hosted at the Delta Rec Center) and this year its looks like its going to be the best yet! Over the years we have had thousands of people show up from all over the world to attend (Ken Jencks flies in from Hawaii to help out!) to not only avail themselves on the incredible bargains, but also to meet some truly amazing guests (Bob Carver, Red Robinson, Brent Butterworth, Chad Allen, Jerry Doucette to name but a few)!

This event is really great to not only sell some excess gear, but to also meet other audio nuts and share stories, swap equipment and generally have some fun. We will be posting the ‘official’ page soon with all the relevant information but are accepting bookings for spaces now.

Take a wander through our “Fun Stuff” pages at pictures from past events and if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call!

More info as it begins to be nailed down.  Take a preliminary look here.




Home Theatre Repairs

We are moving away from home theatre repairs.

As of January 2nd, 2014 we are NO LONGER accepting home theatre repairs or home theatre warranty repairs.  The main reason for this is fairly basic; the amount of time needed to do full diagnostics, software/firmware upgrades, and of course the cost of parts has become overly excessive to our customers. In many cases the repairs themselves are more than buying a brand new unit.

As a result, we felt that since we do not sell any type of home theater equipment its best just to stick with what we know best, and what has given us the great reputation we have built in this market – vintage audio.

We regret this change but it was needed and we hope our clients understand.

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Over the past few years, Innovative Audio has been proud to support the outstanding efforts of the Delta Community Animal Shelter by donating 5% of our total audio sales during the month of December. This year, our record department has also decided to hop on board and they will also be donating 5% of total record sales!  WE ARE HOPING TO TOP LAST YEAR’S DONATION CONTRIBUTION and with your help we know we can!

In addition, we want to take things a bit further by hosting our very first ‘Animal Drive’. In essence, we are asking people to look around their homes for good clean towels, blankets, sheets, hand towels or anything else related and drop them off at our shop so we can pass it along to the DCAS. These items can be new or used, as long as they are clean.

Also, we are also looking for food, toys, used cat trees or anything else to make these animals comfortable.

For your efforts, items brought in that support this cause will be put into a draw for a $250.00 Gift Certificate to be used in our store. Just fill out the ballot with your name and phone number when you drop off your donation and we’ll draw a winning entry on December 22nd – our last day open for 2018.

Even if you do not or cannot provide items listed above, just putting a dollar or two or any amount you choose into the fund will also make you eligible for the Gift Certificate.

If you are looking to open your doors this year for an addition to your family, adopting one of these incredible furry, lovable critters would be awesome.  DCAS has been tirelessly providing care, love and attention to animals and we wholeheartedly support their efforts.  

This year, lets spread the love of music to support the ones that need love the most, the animals.

Thank you, from all of us at Innovative Audio.


You can check out the DCAS website page at: