About Us


We are a vintage audio haven where we aim to provide the best possible experience for the audio enthusiast.


We got started in the audio business because we have a passion for music. We are always looking for cool and interesting ways of reproducing it through equipment that not only sounds incredible, but can be individually selected to accommodate all budgets. Although we originally started our business with one foot deeply entrenched in the ‘home theater’ field (including full installations of dedicated rooms and multimedia applications), we had the other firmly planted on trade-ins and ‘vintage audio’ equipment.

During the first couple years of operation we came to realize that the home theater market was too volatile and in 2007 made the decision to simply concentrate on used two-channel audio equipment, including our real passion – vintage gear. Since then we focused on providing the very best in sales, service and repairs of this type of audio gear and guess what? People noticed. Over the next few years we grew, first moving our shop to a larger facility, then a year later doubling that by adding a second floor.

Two years later we doubled in size again and added both a dedicated speaker repair department and one of the best outfitted electronic repair departments in Vancouver! We like to think our success is a result of the way we started; to treat every customer as a valued member of our team because without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.


In addition to offering the best products at great prices, we at Innovative Audio also offer that long forgotten commodity called service.  Lets face it, when buying used audio gear you simply want to know two things; first, does it work as advertised and second, is the price reasonable. This is why we will be more than happy to demonstrate any item in our showrooms for you to listen to. Once you see, hear and in some cases feel the quality of these products it should help in making the right choice that much easier. In addition, we also ensure that each and every item comes with our own in house warranty.