Christmas Holiday Hours 2021

Christmas scene


Record ROOM ONLY will be open on the following days and hours:

Tuesday, December 28 – 10-5pm

Wednesday, December 29 – 10-5pm

Thursday, December 30 – 10-5pm

Friday, December 31 – 10-5pm

It’s become an annual tradition for me to reflect back on the year and write a bit about it.  There have been some things that have happened to me personally that makes me take stock of what a great group of customers I have and a team that stands behind me every step of the way.  I get up every morning and am grateful to come to the store knowing that we have all come this far and still offer a smile (behind masks – I can see your eyes twinkling so I know it’s all good) and extend support as we all try to make this world a better and friendlier place.

2022 is going to be looking a bit different for me as I make some very big changes in my personal life BUT as with everything there is some great things underfoot – namely a US subsidiary which I’m going to be spear heading to get up and running.  With that it means that I am entrusting my loyal team to keep things running as they always have done, I’ll be available by email too, and hoping that if it turns out the way it is in my head the opportunity to bring back lots of vintage equipment to the shop that we only dreamed of ever seeing is the end game.  It’s something that’s been talked about for years, but now seems like the right time and so I’m making that big step.

The team here isn’t changing – all the same faces and leadership you’ve come to know and rely on – I couldn’t do this without the support of them.  Some will be taking on a few additional jobs and some we will be shifting around to ensure the shop runs just as smooth as it always has.

I once again want to thank my dedicated staff who prop me up when things feel overwhelming and help get the job done.  Without all of you, this job would be that much tougher and I want to say I couldn’t have done this without you. You are an amazing team and I am grateful you are a part of this journey.

From all of us at Innovative Audio, we want to take a moment to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until 2022,