Welcome to Innovative Audio – Canada’s LARGEST vintage audio emporium!

We got started in the audio business because, like you, we have a passion for music. We are always looking for cool and interesting ways of reproducing it through devices that not only sound incredible, but can be individually selected to accommodate modest budgets.

Although we originally started our business with one foot deeply entrenched in the ‘home theater’ field (including full installations of dedicated rooms and multimedia applications), we had the other firmly planted on trade-ins and ‘vintage audio’ equipment. Over the first few years we came to realize that the home theater market was too volatile and in 2007 made the decision to simply concentrate on used two-channel audio equipment, including our real passion – vintage gear.

Since then we concentrated on providing the very best in sales, service and repairs of this type of audio gear and guess what, people noticed. Over the next few years we grew. First moving our shop to a larger facility, then a year later doubling that by adding a second floor. Two years later we doubled in size again and added both a dedicated speaker repair department and one of the best outfitted electronic repair departments in Vancouver! In addition to all this, we have one of THE BEST stocked selection of parts anywhere – period. These are not for sale to the general public – sorry – but are there for those times where we need a very specific part to repair a classic piece of gear.

We like to think our success is a result of the way we started; to try and treat every customer as a personal friend, and not to sell items that we wouldn’t be happy to have in our own homes. We’d like to be able to talk with every one of our customers face-to-face, but unfortunately our store is simply too far away from some of you. Well, with the technology of today we are close as the nearest phone, and since you’re already here on our website, perhaps taking a look at all the other services, articles and items for sale will give you a small glimpse of what we have in store!

At Innovative Audio, it’s not just about the sale but more importantly its finding you just the right equipment at the right price. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by and look around, and if there is anything we can help you out with in answering any questions regarding audio gear – even if you plan to buy elsewhere – we will be more than happy to help.

What we can do for you

In addition to offering the best products at great prices, we at Innovative Audio also offer that long forgotten commodity called service.  Lets face it, when buying used audio gear you simply want to know two things; first, does it work as advertised and is the price reasonable.

This is why we will be more than happy to demonstrate any item in our showrooms for you to listen to. Once you see, hear and in some cases feel the quality of these products it should help in making the right choice that much easier. In addition, we also ensure that each and every item comes with our own in house warranty.  We believe that since you have chosen our store to shop in, the very least we can do is to make sure you got your monies worth.

Innovative Audio offers the following services to all of our customers:

  • Equipment repairs
  • Speaker repairs
  • Woodwork and restoration
  • Dust cover replacement/polishing
  • Tube testing
  • Layaways
  • Turntable belt & cartridge installation (free)
  • Stylus examinations (free)
  • Trade-ins
  • Equipment purchase towards store credit or cash
  • Appraisals
  • Record sales

After you’ve made your choice

No respectable store should forget about you after you’ve made your purchase or had something repaired. At Innovative Audio we want to see you again and we have so much to offer in after sales service.

For one thing, we have great selections of prerecorded cassettes and even 8 tracks to appease even the most ardent of vintage audio junkies. Interested in recording your own? We also carry a healthy stock of blank tape! Yes sir, from the aforementioned cassettes and 8 tracks to open reel media we should have what you’re looking for (limited to stock on hand). We also have a small but select record room, for those passionate for vinyl. Featuring records cleaned ultra-sonically, without getting soaked on the prices!

Whether you simply need a belt for that turntable, perhaps a new stylus or cartridge, we have an area specifically tailored to do this while you wait as well.


Over the past few years, Innovative Audio has been proud to support the outstanding efforts of the Delta Community Animal Shelter by donating 5% of our total audio sales during the month of December. This year, our record department has also decided to hop on board and they will also be donating 5% of total record sales!  WE ARE HOPING TO TOP LAST YEAR’S DONATION CONTRIBUTION and with your help we know we can!

In addition, we want to take things a bit further by hosting our very first ‘Animal Drive’. In essence, we are asking people to look around their homes for good clean towels, blankets, sheets, hand towels or anything else related and drop them off at our shop so we can pass it along to the DCAS. These items can be new or used, as long as they are clean.

Also, we are also looking for food, toys, used cat trees or anything else to make these animals comfortable.

For your efforts, items brought in that support this cause will be put into a draw for a $250.00 Gift Certificate to be used in our store. Just fill out the ballot with your name and phone number when you drop off your donation and we’ll draw a winning entry on December 22nd – our last day open for 2018.

Even if you do not or cannot provide items listed above, just putting a dollar or two or any amount you choose into the fund will also make you eligible for the Gift Certificate.

If you are looking to open your doors this year for an addition to your family, adopting one of these incredible furry, lovable critters would be awesome.  DCAS has been tirelessly providing care, love and attention to animals and we wholeheartedly support their efforts.  

This year, lets spread the love of music to support the ones that need love the most, the animals.

Thank you, from all of us at Innovative Audio.


You can check out the DCAS website page at: