Altec Lansing Model 19 Speakers

Here are a pair of Altec Model 19 speaker cabinets brought in by one of our customers for refinishing. We start by disassembling all aspects of the cabinet including the removal of drivers, crossover, horn and trim pieces. Next, the entire cabinet is sanded smooth and any imperfections or damages are repaired. Once completed, the cabinets are sanded again and given the first base coat.

Once inspected to ensure everything is proper, a light sanding is performed and a second or third coat is also then applied.

Once all staining and oiling is completed and given adequate time to dry properly, the cabinets are then carefully re-assembled and all drivers and components are installed. Care and attention to detail are crucial as any errors can result in marks on the finished product. On this project we complemented these gorgeous speakers with a wine color grill cloth as well as sandblasting and powder-coating the Altec horns in Ferrari red. In the end, we had one happy customer!