Record Department

What kind of audio shop would we be without records? audio desk cleanerSelect records are cleaned using the state-of- the-art Audio Desk System. Needless to say, this amazing record cleaning device is AWESOME, and you can see and hear the difference it makes when playing albums that have been run through this machine.

Howard has been using this device to clean thousands of records over the past few years, and the comments from customers are simply amazing.  This cleaner is definitely getting kudos from LP lovers and vinyl is flying off the shelves. Yes, its a pricey machine, but as Howard says ‘the music deserves the best to sound the best’. Records cleaned by the Audio Desk Systeme are clearly marked with tags so customers are ensured that those albums have been treated with absolute care.

peanuts_proud_recordsAlthough we are not one of the larger record stores around, we still have an amazing assortment of popular titles and stock around 4500 – 5000 records at any given time – including 45’s! Howard’s passion is records, and it clearly shows when going through the tremendous amount of genres available.

In addition, we also provide our customers with a listening station so they can hear records before making a choice!

So there you have it, a little bit of ‘vinyl heaven’ in one of the coolest audio shops around without having to drive downtown! But hey, if we do not have what you need there is a really cool app that can guide you to all the great record shops in and around Vancouver! Check this out!

Be sure to check out our record supplies and accessories such as sleeves, cleaners and brushes!