April 2014 – What’s Groovin’ This Month

Can you believe that we are already 4 months into the new year? Yikes!

Ok, so April is traditionally the start of ‘garage sale season’ so this is a great opportunity to  remind people that our 7th annual ‘Vintage Audio & Record Swap Meet’ is happening in a mere two months time – June 8th to be exact. Yup, already the 60 spots we have allocated are starting to fill so now is the time to bundle up all those cool items collected since last year, and book a space to sell them off for more great items! We will be advertising this awesome event heavily due to the rumoured guests we have slated so spots will go quick!  Details can be found here

A quick reminder for those that may not know: WE NO LONGER HAVE RECORDS FOR SALE IN OUR STORE. We struggled with this for quite a while and universally decided that its better to do what we do best which is audio equipment. There are quite a few awesome record stores around including Krazy Bobs Music Emporium (http://www.cyberspaceit.com/krazybob/), Apollo Music (http://www.audiophilerecords.ca/), Neptoon Records (http://neptoon.com/) and many, many others. When you want to buy your records, check out these great stores. When you need awesome gear to listen to those records, come see us 🙂

Over the past few months, we have had an amazing amount of people using our ‘layaway’ service. For others, they had no idea we even offered this so for those in the latter group, check out our layaway page (http://www.iavscanada.com/layaway/) for more info. If you want that really cool piece but short of bread then this is definitely for you!

More great news! Ever since we opened our speaker repair decision things have been absolutely incredible. In fact, we are now getting speaker drivers shipped to us from all over North America! How cool is that? In addition, we are proud to announce that we are now an authorized repair depot for Tannoy speakers! Yup, this just became ‘official’ three weeks ago and already the news went Canada wide.

You know, I have to include here all the awesome people that make Innovative Audio what it is. This was my dream, my “grand idea” to have a different kind of audio shop and yet its the people behind the scenes that truly make this place so special. So, to Brian, Susan, Edwin, James (J.R), Marc, Tim and the other Mark – thank you. You guys are without a doubt simply the best.

With that, I have to continue getting the back warehouse cleaned up. With the new forklift acquisition we now need to start getting things into their place – and off the floor so we can bring in more stuff!

Until next month,