Back On Track

When did you throw out all your 8-track tapes? Mid eighties, right? I remember the day. I’d already switched to cassette and was contemplating a move to CD. A lot of my 8-tracks had bitten the dust anyway, victims of deformed rollers, tangled tape, or being left too long in my truck under the hot Texas sun. And I didn’t even have a working player anymore. With considerable pride in my ability to kiss the past goodbye and embrace the future, I tossed my last five or six dozen 8-tracks into a box and threw them out along with my ankh necklace and my last pair of Levi’s Big Bells…


This article was written by Brent Butterworth for Home Theater magazine in 1997 and is reproduced here with the permission of both Mr. Butterworth and Home Theater magazine.

A quick word about Brent Butterworth:

Mr. Butterworth has been writing and editing articles about audio and video since 1989. In addition to serving as editor-in-chief of Home Theater, he has done extensive work for magazines such as Sound + Vision, Robb Report, and Home Entertainment. I know myself as an avid fan of Home Theater magazine that Brent’s articles alone were worth the cover price. You can find more examples of his work at

The following article is truly a gem, worthy of being resurrected and I hope that you have as much fun reading it as Brent and the other great writers had creating it.