Brent Butterworth

I first talked with Brent several years back when I wanted to get permission to re-print an awesome article he wrote back in 1997 when he was still with Home Theater magazine. It stuck with me all these years, because this article was dedicated to 8 track tapes, and this was a home theater magazine, written during a time when DVDs and digital sound reigned supreme!

Brent called me back and not only helped me out with this but also made me realize how incredibly down to earth he is – one of the nicest people you would ever want to  meet. You have to understand that after reading his work for years, I was REALLY nervous talking with him at first but Brent has a way of making people comfortable, and after letting him know what we did here and the common ground we shared, a friendship was born.

Since then, Brent has visited our shop a number of times over the years and built many more friendships with others here along the way. It seems that I was not the only one here in BC that appreciated his writing!

The following articles include not only those that Brent has written during his visits here, but also those that relate to the type of products that might be beneficial to those looking to upgrade, add to or just have fun with.