Items that just came in!


These are just some of the incredible items that have just arrived BUT still need to go through our shop so they meet the high expectations are customers deserve! Once complete, these items will appear in our ‘New Arrivals’ section with prices and warranties.

  • Sansui: Speakers, speakers and MORE speakers
  • Sansui: CA3000 Pre-amplifier, TU9900 Tuner
  • BA-2000 Power amplifier, FR-4060 Turntable, G-3000 Receiver
  • Pioneer SX-828 Receiver, CS-J825Q speakers, RT-1011L Reel / reel deck, SX-3600 Receiver
  • McCormack: DNA-1 Power amplifier
  • Classe: 5 Pre-amplifier
  • Sony: SCD-XA9000ES Super Audio CD player – silver
  • TEAC USB Audio Digital – Analog converter (UD-501) – MINT in box!
  • 40-4 Reel / reel deck with DBX
  • Marantz: Model 120 Tuner, Model 105 Tuner, 2270 Receiver with wood case
  • Phase Linear: 700 Power amplifier, 2000 Pre-amplifier, 3300 II Pre-amplifier
  • Kenwood KD-550 Turntables (2), KD-2055 Turntable, KD-3055 Turntable

And much more to come!