March 2014 – What’s Groovin’ This Month

March is the month where spring usually starts showing her colours and green buds start peeking through the ground and the weather starts to get a bit warmer BUT it seems that Vancouver just didn’t get that memo! Yup, starting March 1st it started snowing – AGAIN! We had a good snowfall the week before so for those that love snow (that’s me!) this was a cool surprise!

So what better way to spend a snow day (or any day off for that matter) than to fire up the stereo, spin some vinyl, and maybe have a coffee or two.

Last month, we did not have the time to do all the updates that transpired and for that, we apologize. So here is our opportunity to catch you up on what has happened so that you are informed.

The first is that we are no longer selling records at our store – sorry. Over the past years we have had an incredible relationship with Apollo Music but due to time and efforts it has been decided that both companies should do what they do best. In Apollo’s case its records, and they are definitely the go-to place if you love vinyl.  You can check out their website here

The second major news is that Innovative Audio is now the new home for the Red Robinson DJ Booth. This iconic piece was displayed for years at the Red Robinson Show Theater in Coquitlam until the recent name change. With the huge help from both Jamie Anesty and Red Robinson himself, we purchased this item with the full intention of keeping it original, open to the public and FULLY OPERATIONAL! The booth is housed in its own room that will be reminiscent of an actual broadcasting room. Over the next while, we will be adding memorabilia, sound dampening and other cool things so things may take a bit before they are finally completed. If you want to have your picture taken behind the mic of this incredible piece of history, drop on by and we will make it happen. A quick story can be read here:

Holiday closure:  March 23rd, reopening on April 1st (no fooling!).

Like a lot of businesses, we know the importance of online media and social sites like twitter, Facebook and others. While we do not have an active twitter account, we DO have a Facebook page that we use to promote cool items, great deals and other interesting articles, news and events.  Like us so you too can know all the specials we’re offering (*hint* we have one going on now until March 15th)!/143594795699332/photos/a.154498537942291.32538.143594795699332/667804666611673/?type=1&theater

Oh yeah, I thought that with the snow falling that this would be a great time to announce that we have set a date for our 7th Annual Vintage Audio & Record Swap Meet – June 8th so mark your calendars! We have confirmed that renowned journalist Brent Butterworth will be attending all the way from the deepest bowels of California so this is your opportunity to meet one of the best audio writers in the industry! We will also be having a few more surprises as this event draws near so stay tuned! Any persons wishing to book a spot (or spots) just give us a call.

As always, we are more than happy to answer or address any questions, qualms or concerns that you may have so please feel free to call us during normal store hours, or fire us an email at

Until next month,