New & Updated Policies

We’re doing something different than some other companies – instead of raising prices to recover our losses over the past few months, we’re going the opposite way and giving all of our customers a break!

1.  We are now posting prices that INCLUDE the taxes!  That’s right!  So whatever province you’re from, we’re covering the taxes.  In BC that’s currently 12% so no more trying to figure out the total price – it’s right there on the price tag.

This will include all equipment for sale, but not consignments (items ending in 99¢).

It also does not include repairs or record purchases, posters, record art vinyl and Sun t-shirts, turntable parts & accessories.

2. For those who pay by credit card, we have a surcharge of 3% to cover the increasing costs that the credit card companies keep adding onto small businesses.  It means that if you want to pay by credit card, no problems, but it would cost you 3% more on top of your final total.

For those who pay by cash, debit card or e-transfer there are no additional costs.  E-transfers / payments can be sent to

3.  Just in case you missed it – NEW store hours:  10:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday.  Closed Sunday & Monday and statutory holidays.

4.  As always, any item picked up in-store comes with a 30 day (item priced under $500) or 90 day (item priced over $500) warranty.  Turntable purchases come with a 6-month warranty for a table priced under $500 and a 1-year warranty for tables priced over $500.

5.  All items are tested and the pictures you see on our website is of the actual item we have for sale – no stock photos.  We most likely will not know the history or past usage of the unit unless it is disclosed to us by the previous owner.  We do not sell “non-working” units.  Everything that needs to be repaired will have been done before we put it on the floor for sale.  We will disclose any non-working option in the item description.  This is very rare to find though.

6.  Consignment items ONLY come with a 30-day warranty regardless of price.

7.  All items can be demonstrated in our showroom to ensure it’s exactly what you are looking to purchase.  Should the item not fit your system when it goes home we offer to exchange the item within 2 weeks of purchase or if there isn’t something currently available we will return your purchase price to Store Credit ONLY.  We DO NOT offer refunds unless an item can not be repaired or is deemed too expensive to repair then and ONLY then we will offer you your money back or again offer you a store credit towards another item in the future.  There is no expiry date with store credit.

8.  We no longer ship large tower speakers, but will continue to ship bookshelf speakers.