June 2014 – What’s Groovin’ This Month

June 2014

UPDATE:  I’ve added lots of pictures to our 2014 Garage Sale page – check it out!

This month the big highlight for us is our Annual Garage Sale…..it’s our 7th ONE!  Where does the time go!

It’s going to be our biggest event EVER!! I know we say that every year, but it’s true – it keeps growing and growing because the love of music is growing! The weather is looking to cooperate. We have some amazing guests that will be onsite for signing and picture taking and we have people arriving from Hawaii, Los Angeles and Washington State coming to see what all the hoopla is about. This is the one event in North America every music enthusiast wishes they had in their neck of the woods. We will have lots of photos throughout the day on Facebook and afterwards on our website for those who can’t make it. We know this is going to be a fun day to chat about the industry – where it was and where it’s going. Vancouver is THE hot spot for vintage audio!

Gord & I always look forward to this event (okay…. The DAY of the event we enjoy – the prep work is daunting) as we get to chat with so many of our customers that can’t come in during business hours as often as they’d like and we can be really busy in the shop and not able to catch up as much as we’d like, but it’s always fun to hear what they’ve been up to when they come in on this day. Be sure to say hi to us!

Our business is always changing and this time we’ve spruced up our turntable section with an improved display area. This is part and parcel because we now have available a talented gentleman – Geoffrey Deering, who has refinished a lot of our speakers we have/had for sale in the past few months; built the “soon” to open record room display cabinets and the Altec 19s you might have seen on Facebook. Please call us if you need any woodworking or wood refinishing work! He is simply amazing.

Have to get more work done, but we are looking forward to a great summer!

Until next month,