November 2013

Well, the big scary season is passed and now the big festive season is just around the corner…

November is that month in the year where the weather has turned, and although most of the leaves are racked up and yard stuff stored November is also one of the most perfect months for setting aside some quality ‘audio time’. For myself, hearing the rain and wind against the window while listening to my favorite music is simple relaxing to the ‘nth’ degree. Add a glass of wine, dim the lights a bit and your imagination can drift to all sorts of possibilities.

In some cases, just setting aside a half an hour for listening is actually therapeutic, and highly recommended. Obviously, having the right gear also makes a difference, and that is where we can hopefully help out.

Like you, we are audio enthusiasts. It’s not about simply buying the most expensive, but buying what is right for YOU. With the largest selection of vintage audio equipment on display anywhere we probably have just what you need, and more importantly within your budget. Regardless of what you buy, you can rest assured that ALL of our gear has been thoroughly tested and checked out by our incredible technicians, equipped with our own in house warranty, and any item can be fully tested – by you – before it leaves our store.