SPEAKER SPECIAL EXTRAVAGANZA (click here for more details)

Last week we announced a big reveal happening so we are upping the ante to make it that much BIGGER!

We are having a listening party – to audition a set of speakers we are selling.  These just might be the biggest speakers we’ve ever had in the store.

As well we are having specials on Tower Speakers, Center Channels and others too.  Make an offer and see if it’s accepted!  Can’t hurt

DEMO IS ONE DAY ONLY!  Saturday, February 11th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.  No other time on Saturday

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW more you’ll just have to show up with your ears.  We won’t give away the surprise until then!  Besides, we have to rearrange the store in order to get them setup!  They are that humongous!