Equipment Repairs: Current Wait Times…. click here for more details

Updated November 24


  1. Multi-track recording decks
  2. Walkmans
  3. Cassette decks / 8-track players
  4. Home Theatre stereo equipment
  5. Reel to Reel machines
  6. Car stereo equipment
  7. Jukeboxes

Currently we are estimating towards the end of January 2024 if your unit arrived today.  This is when we will be able to look at your unit to evaluate and then approximately 2 weeks to repair after you give us your approval. It also depends on whether parts need to be ordered. Expect longer delays if parts need to be ordered in from the USA.  We will keep you posted as these dates change.

We get asked fairly often why the long wait? Well the answer is pretty clear – we have one of the best in-house service companies in Canada. Because of that we have people sending in their treasured pieces from all over North America to be restored, repaired and resurrected from the dead. And the more gear that comes in means the lineup for service gets longer and longer.
The expertise and knowledge required to work on both stereo components and speakers takes a skill set most qualified technicians just don’t have. Some know a little of this and a little of that, but very few can do it all. And that means people send us gear to estimate and repair from all over B.C., Alberta, Washington State and sometimes even from the Yukon and NWT.
Rest assured when your equipment is looked at and repaired by the best then it’s bound to work as it should, requiring far less repeated attempts by “garage” techs to get it right the first time.
Now are we perfect? We like to think so, but we know we’re not – we’re human and do take the extra care and attention to hope that we have handled your repair properly.
Can we predict how long your unit will last after the repair? Nope and we can’t tell you when another repair is required in the future. If we did we’d probably buy a lottery ticket and start on our early retirement!
We have been here for a very long time, doing what we love best and that’s restoring your treasured equipment as fast as we can to ensure reliability and future enjoyment of your gear, but that comes at a cost of taking longer to get back to you. We ask you then, would you rather take your vintage gear to a shop that says we can have it done in a week or one where the reputation is known all over North America and could take up to 2 months but it’s done right. It is a hard decision when your equipment is important to you, but I’d rather go where you can trust it’s done right and have been in business a long time doing only one thing – VINTAGE STEREO EQUIPMENT & SPEAKER REPAIRS!


Closed for the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s the Canadian gobble, gobble weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

We’ll be closed for the Thanksgiving Day long weekend from  5:00pm  Friday, October 6th and will reopen on Tuesday, October 10th at 10:00am.

We hope you spend time with family and friends enjoying the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie!  Yummy goodness!


Now Open Sundays! Read more by clicking here

One of the most frequently asked questions we get as a business, is; ‘why are you not open more days of the week?’
Well we have been listening and have added some new staff to make these changes happen.  We’re now ready!
STARTING SEPTEMBER 17TH we are officially open on SUNDAYS from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
Tuesday to Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 10-4
You asked, we listened!  This will be so helpful to people who work the same hours as we do as well as those who travel to see us on a weekend.
See you this Sunday!!!

Closed for the Labour Day Long weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Well for some of us it might be, but for others it’s a sign that fall is just around the corner.

We’ll be closed for the Labour Day long weekend from 5:00pm Friday, September 1st and reopen at 10:00am Tuesday, September 5th.

Remember that young ones will be returning to school on Tuesday and for some the excitement makes them forget to watch crossing roads.  And parents PLEASE slow down in school zones!




What would summer be without a sizzling summer sale????

Yup, after sorting, cleaning and feeling a bit squished in, what better way to get past that feeling than to unload all the good stuff that has been arriving faster than we can process.

So it’s TIME FOR ANOTHER SALE because who doesn’t love a sale…. right?

We are going to be marking down on selected power amplifiers by 25%, professional  gear including PA speakers and recording equipment – marked down radically, pre-recorded cassette tapes, reel to reel tapes, 8-tracks, EL-Casette tapes and blank sealed cassette tapes.  There will also be some in-store specials.  We are not individually pricing them on the website – you’ll have to come in and see for yourself – it’s a ONE DAY SPECIAL! JULY 29th starting at 10:00am



GARAGE SALE – SUNDAY, June 11th…. click here for more details


2022 Innovative Audio Garage Sale banner

Our Annual Garage Sale is set for June 11th (Sunday)  9:00 am to 2:00 pm at our store location:

13255 78th Avenue, Surrey

Vendors are welcome to participate in this event at NO CHARGE!

The tradition of hosting the  LARGEST VINTAGE AUDIO & RECORD GARAGE SALE in BC continues and attendance should be simply incredible!


Spaces are filling up quickly so if you want to participate ensure you give us a call so you aren’t disappointed.  Call 604-594-9575 to confirm yours!

Everything from records and CD’s to cassettes and 8-tracks will be found.  So much equipment, parts and various other audio related trinkets will be here!  You’re sure to find something to add to your collection.



INNOVATIVE AUDIO will be closed for the Victoria Day long weekend

Closed on Saturday, May 20 and reopen for business again on Tuesday May 23rd at 10:00am




Surrey Vaisakhi Parade – Saturday – April 22nd

On Saturday, April 22nd, our shop is on the outside edge of the one of largest parades held outside of India – Vaisakhi Parade!  Details about what is Vaiskhi can be found here:

As this will impact everyone around the area for parking, roads, traffic, etc. we are advising our customers if they do not need to come into the shop that day, unless early in the morning, based on past years, it will become extremely busy and very frustrating to get to us.

We will be open from 10:00am to 4:00pm that day, but if you need to come in, King George Hwy would probably be your best route to drive to us.  132nd may be blocked in certain areas or re-routed.

We are excited for the community and it’s an exciting cultural event, but on the backside it’s a logistic nightmare!  Expected turnout is estimated at around 500,000 people descending into the area.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please refer to this website for the map of the event and roadways affected – we are located close to the ICBC Drivers License Center on 78th Avenue, which you can see on this map.  On the outside of the yellowed area.

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