FOR THIS WEEKEND AND THIS WEEKEND ONLY, we have these items, listed below, on SALE at 25% off the posted price.

AS WELL we have a table full of turntables – all priced at $200 plus tax – includes 30-day warranty as well.  Once they are gone, they are gone!  All tested and working.

Check out the links to the items on sale

Bryston 3B Power Amplifier

Rotel RB-960BX Power Amplifier

Sony TA-N7050 Power Amplifier

Adcom GFP-555 Preamplifier

Marantz Model 7T Preamplifier

Pioneer SX-6 Receiver

Sansui Model 2000 Receiver

Realistic STA-2270 Receiver

Monarchy DIP 48/96 Upsampler

Yamaha K-720 Cassette Recorder

Akai AT-2450 Tuner

and then make your way in to the store to take advantage of this weekend sales items.  As well on Sunday is our annual garage sale – you don’t want to miss that.  Many vendors, besides us, will be here to sell their items as well.  Rain or shine, we’ll be here!  Open at 9:00am



It’s BAAAACK! Our Annual Vintage Audio & Record Garage Sale


2022 Innovative Audio Garage Sale banner

Our Annual Garage Sale is set for June 19th (Sunday)  9:00 am to 2:00 pm at our store location: 13255 78th Avenue, Surrey, BC

The tradition of hosting the LARGEST VINTAGE AUDIO & RECORD GARAGE SALE in BC continues and it’s sure to be a great turnout if the current interest and inquiries are any indication.  More information will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

Dealers are welcome to participate in this event at NO CHARGE! Book spaces early as there are only 60 available in total!  Call 604-594-9575 to confirm yours!


Featured This Week

A new addition to the website will be either a featured unit, a recently reduced piece or something really cool.  Be sure to call or come on into the showroom to have a look before they are SOLD!  First come – first served.



$200.00 plus taxes

We won’t be listing each turntable individually or the model numbers, but come on in and have your pick – once they are gone, that’s it.  Featured for this week only!  Some really great units and all come with a 30-day warranty.


Equipment Repairs: Current Wait Times

Updated June 17


  1. Multi-track recording decks
  2. Walkmans
  3. Home Theatre stereo equipment
  4. Reel to Reel machines
  5. Car stereo equipment
  6. Jukeboxes

UPDATE:  Currently we are approximately 8-9 weeks until we will be able to look at your unit to estimate and then approximately 2-3  weeks to repair after you give us your approval. It also depends on whether parts need to be ordered. Expect longer delays if parts need to be ordered in from the USA.  We will keep you posted as these dates change.

We get asked fairly often why the long wait? Well the answer is pretty clear – we have one of the best in-house service companies in Canada. Because of that we have people sending in their treasured pieces from all over North America to be restored, repaired and resurrected from the dead. And the more gear that comes in means the lineup for service gets longer and longer.
The expertise and knowledge required to work on both stereo components and speakers takes a skill set most qualified technicians just don’t have. Some know a little of this and a little of that, but very few can do it all. And that means people send us gear to estimate and repair from all over B.C., Alberta, Washington State and sometimes even from the Yukon and NWT.
Rest assured when your equipment is looked at and repaired by the best then it’s bound to work as it should, requiring far less repeated attempts by “garage” techs to get it right the first time.
Now are we perfect? We like to think so, but we know we’re not – we’re human and do take the extra care and attention to hope that we have handled your repair properly.
Can we predict how long your unit will last after the repair? Nope and we can’t tell you when another repair is required in the future. If we did we’d probably buy a lottery ticket and start on our early retirement!
We have been here for a very long time, doing what we love best and that’s restoring your treasured equipment as fast as we can to ensure reliability and future enjoyment of your gear, but that comes at a cost of taking longer to get back to you. We ask you then, would you rather take your vintage gear to a shop that says we can have it done in a week or one where the reputation is known all over North America and could take up to 2 months but it’s done right. It is a hard decision when your equipment is important to you, but I’d rather go where you can trust it’s done right and have been in business a long time doing only one thing – VINTAGE STEREO EQUIPMENT & SPEAKER REPAIRS!



INNOVATIVE RECORDS will be open on Saturday, May 21st for all your listening needs, wants and desires!

INNOVATIVE AUDIO will be closed for the Victoria Day long weekend though – no repairs, turntable setups or sales – this part of the store will be closed:  Closed from Saturday, May 21 and reopen for business again on Tuesday May 24th.

Hopefully you find something “musical” to listen to this weekend going through the various LPs, CDs, cassette tapes, 8-tracks, etc. that Mark has available!



New & Updated Policies

May 3, 2022

With the announcement from the British Columbian government regarding Covid changes and policy updates (continuing on the merry-go-round), we wanted you to know that at this time our business will still be asking customers to wear their masks in our store.  Though not mandatory, and we won’t turn you away, we are continuing to do our part until we know just where we end up.  Doesn’t hurt anyone and you can continue to curse behind your mask and we won’t know it!


  1. Just in case you missed it, our NEW store hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00pm on Saturday. We are closed Sunday, Monday, and statutory holidays.
  2. As always, any item picked up in-store comes with a 30 day (item priced under $500) or 90 day (item priced over $500) warranty. Turntable purchases come with a 6-month warranty for a item priced under $500 and a 1-year warranty for items priced over $500.
  3. All items are tested and the pictures you see on our website are the actual items we have for sale – no stock photos.  We most likely will not know the history or past usage of the unit unless it is disclosed to us by the previous owner.
  4. We do not sell non-working items. Everything that needs to be repaired will have been done before we put it on the floor for sale. We will disclose any defects, if any, in the item description.
  5. Consignment items come with a 30-day warranty only, regardless of price.
  6. All items can be demonstrated in our showroom to ensure it’s exactly what you are looking to purchase. Should the item not fit your system when it goes home, we can offer to EXCHANGE the item within two weeks of purchase. If there isn’t something currently available that fits your needs, we will return your purchase price for Store Credit ONLY. There is no expiry date with store credit. We do not offer refunds unless an item cannot be repaired, or is deemed too expensive to repair. Then (and only then) we will offer you your money back.
  7. We no longer ship large speakers, but will continue to ship bookshelf speakers.
  8. NEW!!  Consignments are an option for our customers to sell their equipment.  We charge a 30% commission which is deducted from the final price.  If an item is not in clean, ready for the floor to sale condition, we have the right to deduct a minimum $25.00 cleaning fee and this is deducted from the consignment price once the item sells.  This is NOT charged if the items are brought to us in clean condition.  ( *hint, hint*  Bring in your items super clean!! )   If an item requires repair this fee is not charged, but the repair bill will need to be paid before we put the item up for sale on our sales floor!


Easter Long WEEKEND

We’ll be closed for the Easter long weekend from 5:00pm Thursday, April 14th, through to 10:00am Tuesday, April 19th.

Hopefully the weather is good and that you get outside to enjoy the cherry & plum blossoms, the daffodils and maybe, fingers-crossed, some tulips, as they come into bloom.


FAMILY DAY Long Weekend Closure

It’s Family Day Long WEEKEND

We’ll be closed for the Family Day long weekend from 5:00pm Friday, February 18th through to 10:00am Tuesday, February 22nd.

We hope you get to spend some great time with your family in person or via Zoom!

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