June 2013

This month the big highlight is of course our Annual Garage Sale…

For the first time since we started this event almost 6 years ago, we have filled every spot available! I for one am humbled. I truly believe that this is going to be an incredible day and can only hope that everyone attending – both vendors and buyers – is going to have a ton of fun.

Over the years, this event has been featured in magazines, on TV and on the radio across the North American continent including written snippets reaching as far as England! This year, we were featured on Global Television by radio legend Red Robinson and this alone brought a huge amount of attention to not only the event, but the store as well.

Quite a few people ask why we do this, and more importantly why we do not charge money for admission or fees. The answer is very simple. We have grown as a business thanks to the great many customers that have visited our shop over the years and built solid relationships that developed through the services we provide. What better way to say ‘thank you’ than by giving some of this back? We are proud to be a large part of the audio hobby community, and will continue to do the very best we can to continue the traditions we have developed together over the years.

So, while the garage sale DOES play a huge role for the month of June there are still lots of other things that are happening here in the shop. It may be worth the visit to drop by every now and again to see what cool audio treasures have hit the floor and maybe pick out some toys for yourself!

Until next month!