Murphy’s (Audio) Laws

I.1 – All warranty and guarantee clauses become void upon payment of invoice

I.2 – Dimensions will always be expressed in the least usable terms. Velocity, for example, will be expresses in furlongs per fortnight

I.3 – Identical units tested under identical conditions will not be identical in the field

I.4 – A dropped tool will land where it can do the most damage. (also known as the law of selective gravitation)

I.5 – The probability of a dimension being omitted from a plan or drawing is directly proportional to its importance

I.6 – Interchangeable parts won’t

I.7 – Probability of failure of a component, assembly, sub-system or system is inversely proportional to ease of repair or replacement

I.8 – If a circuit cannot fail, it will

I.9 – A fail-safe circuit will destroy others

II.1 – An expensive, obsolete transistor protected by a fast acting fuse will protect the fuse by blowing first

II.2 – A failure will never appear until the unit has passed the final inspection and taken by the customer

II.3 – A purchased component or instrument will meet its spec long enough, and only long enough, to pass incoming inspection

II.4 – Manufacturers spec sheets will be incorrect by a factor of 0.5 to 2.0, depending on which multiplier gives the most optimistic value. For salesman’s claims these factors will be 1.0 to 10.0

II.5 – In specifications, Murphy’s Law supercedes Ohm’s


Over the past few years, Innovative Audio has been proud to support the outstanding efforts of the Delta Community Animal Shelter by donating 5% of our total audio sales during the month of December. This year, our record department has also decided to hop on board and they will also be donating 5% of total record sales!  WE ARE HOPING TO TOP LAST YEAR’S DONATION CONTRIBUTION and with your help we know we can!

In addition, we want to take things a bit further by hosting our very first ‘Animal Drive’. In essence, we are asking people to look around their homes for good clean towels, blankets, sheets, hand towels or anything else related and drop them off at our shop so we can pass it along to the DCAS. These items can be new or used, as long as they are clean.

Also, we are also looking for food, toys, used cat trees or anything else to make these animals comfortable.

For your efforts, items brought in that support this cause will be put into a draw for a $250.00 Gift Certificate to be used in our store. Just fill out the ballot with your name and phone number when you drop off your donation and we’ll draw a winning entry on December 22nd – our last day open for 2018.

Even if you do not or cannot provide items listed above, just putting a dollar or two or any amount you choose into the fund will also make you eligible for the Gift Certificate.

If you are looking to open your doors this year for an addition to your family, adopting one of these incredible furry, lovable critters would be awesome.  DCAS has been tirelessly providing care, love and attention to animals and we wholeheartedly support their efforts.  

This year, lets spread the love of music to support the ones that need love the most, the animals.

Thank you, from all of us at Innovative Audio.


You can check out the DCAS website page at: