POP-UP MINI GARAGE SALE – Saturday July 25 – @ the Store

What would summer be without a Garage Sale????

Yup, after sorting, cleaning and feeling the need to NOT let our customers down we decided to have a garage sale on July 25th, 2020.  WEATHER PERMITTING, of course!

Now, before you start getting all excited there are quite a few things you need to know first;

Due to everything going on, it will only be our shop having items for sale. We thought about having other vendors but too many factors prevented this from going forward. Yes, I know it sucks but its short notice and and at least its something, right?

ALL PEOPLE ATTENDING ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS!  No, not halloween types so let’s show respect to others by doing our part. It should go without saying that if you are exhibiting symptoms of cold, flu or just not feeling well, PLEASE STAY HOME.

ALSO if you venture into the store, please use the hand sanitizer.  Inside our store we need to keep clean, so we ask that you help us out and sanitize before wandering through.

Since this will be on a Saturday, a day we are normally open, the number of people allowed within the store will be limited, so please be patient and understand.

Our first garage sale was in 2008, and we have had one every year with each bigger and better than the last. As much as we wanted to do something spectacular this year, world events have changed those plans dramatically.

So, why not still do something but scale it down so people can still have fun, find some great bargains, and dig through piles of awesome audio stuff?

Yeah, I thought so to which is why we felt its needed.

So mark your calendars for 10am July 25th, bring a pocket of cash and come on down!

NO EARLY BIRDS! It’s not fair to others and we will be enforcing this.

Because this is short notice, there will be no food truck or other types of refreshments available – sorry.