Happy New Year!

As we go into our 9th year (has it been that long already?) we decided to make a few changes on our main sales floor to accommodate our growing clientele. We worked a few days over the Christmas holidays and have revamped the front entrance area and have more sales/repair/service counters.  We still have a little ways to go with signage and cleanup, but we’re well on our way.  So far the response has been positive as we now have 2 tills, a complete turntable servicing area and a new buy section which should make things go smoother for our clients.

We also have one more BIG change to announce.  We are moving away from home theatre repairs.  As of January 2nd, 2014 we are NO LONGER accepting home theatre repairs or home theatre warranty repairs.  The main reason for this is fairly basic; the amount of time needed to do full diagnostics, software/firmware upgrades, and of course the cost of parts has become overly excessive to our customers. In many cases the repairs themselves are more than buying a brand new unit. As a result, we felt that since we do not sell any type of home theater equipment its best just to stick with what we know best, and what has given us the great reputation we have built in this market – vintage audio.  We regret this change but it was needed and we hope our clients understand.

In the second week of January, I’m going to the CES show in Las Vegas.  I’ll be away from January 7-10th.  All prospective buys and trades transactions will be on hold until I return.  Susan & JR will be in the store while I’m away and they will help you as needed.

The store will be closed on Friday, January 10th though as there is a scheduling conflict and we will not have any staff available to handle the front shop.  We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.  We will reopen on Saturday, January 11th, 10 a.m.

I hope to bring back with me a bunch of new contacts and opportunity for new products to fill our shelves!  I will post pictures of my wanderings around all the booths through Facebook.  Be sure to follow me there.

As you may have seen, the new website has been getting a huge amount of accolades. We had hoped that by making our site a bit more ‘mobile friendly’ that it would solve some browsing issues and apparently it worked out great. The feedback has been awesome – thank you – and we hope that if there are other areas that need addressing please let us know.

Also, we have been building up relationships over the past 6 months with new suppliers such as Shure, Grado, Dynavector and others so we can offer our customers a better choice when buying cartridges. My main focus at CES this year is to meet with other manufacturers as well, and hopefully build relationships to bring in some really cool products like tube amps and headphones. As always, we love to hear from you and if there any ideas, suggestions or comments you want to pass along please feel free.  As we continue to build our business we know that there will some things that may be overlooked, so if you are looking for a particular line, we will see about making that happen for you.  Not everything is available to smaller companies like ours, but we love to work our magic when we can!