Summer 2013

With summer finally here and another great Garage Sale behind us people are taking some well deserved time off. We normally slow down a bit during this time of the year and also plan to have some vacation time for ourselves in August. With that, it should be noted that we will be closed from August 3rd and re-opening again on the 20th.

Until then, we will still be open as usual and offering great deals on fantastic audio equipment. This is also a good time to remind people about our awesome service departments. Since we specialize in both electronic AND speaker repairs this may be a great time to bring in those items that were in questionable condition when purchased from eBay, the dreaded Craigslist or other sources for repair.

As this is the season for checking out yard sales, flea markets and other boons of treasure for audio goodies, I would suggest checking out our ‘How to buy vintage audio’ article. Yes, I know, this is NOT the ‘audiophile’ version but is written to help those looking to get into the hobby, already in the hobby but not deep enough to upset the wife, and those that just love the thrill of the hunt. Oh yeah, and if you happen to find something you think we would be interested in, let us know, we are always looking for great gear and you may make a few bucks along the way!

We hope you have a great summer!