What’s Groovin’ This Month – December 2017


We had such a success running this last year we felt we just had to do it again and hope we achieve even more…… raising funds to donate to the Delta Animal Shelter.  Last year we raised over $1,000 and brought that money along with some much needed blankets and towels to the animal shelter.  This year we hope to raise even more and all it takes is purchasing equipment from our store from December 1 to 22.  Nothing you have to do any different, no wallet to open, no begging for anything – just simply purchasing products like you normally would and a portion of that money is then given to the Shelter.  So easy and it makes us happy to do something for our community as all of us here are huge animal lovers!

And with that can you believe how fast this year went by.  Of course we all say that every year, but some years it just feels more so than others.

Every year we close our shop during the holidays to allow our staff and family some ‘down time’ to really enjoy the season. As a family based shop, we do not believe in grasping every last dollar with mad sales and shopping blitzes like the ‘big box’ stores do, but feel that Christmas is a season best spent with family and friends, some good food and music, and to enjoy the things that make our lives special.

With that, I want to take the time to thank all of our great customers for a truly awesome year.  Some of the many changes and additions we have implemented over the past year are due only because of the loyalty and support of our clientele.  Also, I personally want to tip my hat to those that make this place run as well as it does because of their dedication to doing the best they can.

So to Edwin, James, Mark and Susan – thank you!  You guys ROCK!

From:  December 24 (Sunday) and reopen: January 2th (Tuesday)

From all of us here at Innovative Audio we want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until 2018,



Customer Appreciation Day

SAVE THE DATE!!! Customer Appreciation Day is slated for Saturday, May 7, 2016

There will be FREE hot dogs and soft drinks as well as a few surprises in store! What’s that you say! Surprises! Yep! We are paying ALL taxes on this day on all purchases of equipment, turntable supplies AND records! Layaways are excluded.

Read More


2016 Garage Sale


It’s back! The annual audio event of the year is back and bigger than ever! Mark your calendars for June 12th and check out the TONS of audio goodies including receivers, turntables, tape decks of all kinds and of course, RECORDS!

Whether you are looking to sell, trade or buy if you are a audio nut, or just really enjoy a good record, you cannot miss this! Check out all the details on our homepage and we hope to see you there!


Items that just came in!


These are just some of the incredible items that have just arrived BUT still need to go through our shop so they meet the high expectations are customers deserve! Once complete, these items will appear in our ‘New Arrivals’ section with prices and warranties.

  • Sansui: Speakers, speakers and MORE speakers
  • Sansui: CA3000 Pre-amplifier, TU9900 Tuner
  • BA-2000 Power amplifier, FR-4060 Turntable, G-3000 Receiver
  • Pioneer SX-828 Receiver, CS-J825Q speakers, RT-1011L Reel / reel deck, SX-3600 Receiver
  • McCormack: DNA-1 Power amplifier
  • Classe: 5 Pre-amplifier
  • Sony: SCD-XA9000ES Super Audio CD player – silver
  • TEAC USB Audio Digital – Analog converter (UD-501) – MINT in box!
  • 40-4 Reel / reel deck with DBX
  • Marantz: Model 120 Tuner, Model 105 Tuner, 2270 Receiver with wood case
  • Phase Linear: 700 Power amplifier, 2000 Pre-amplifier, 3300 II Pre-amplifier
  • Kenwood KD-550 Turntables (2), KD-2055 Turntable, KD-3055 Turntable

And much more to come!


Labour Day Long Weekend Closure

Just want to keep everyone in the loop that we will be closed for the September labour day weekend.  Not open on Saturday, September 5th, but reopen for regular business on Tuesday, September 8th.

Stay safe on the roads this busy long weekend and have fun getting your kids back into school with their new backpacks and school supplies!  Woohoo!  Here comes fall


BC Day Long weekend closure

We will be closed for the BC Day long weekend from Saturday, August 1st, reopening on Tuesday, August 4th.

Hope everyone gets out and enjoys all this province has to offer!  Stay safe


2015 Vintage Swap

Today I’ve finally added to the website, pictures of the 8th annual vintage audio and record swap meet .  From all the people we talked to, the vendors had a lot of fun, met some new people, and introduced others to the wonderful arena of music loving from yesteryear.

It was a good day, maybe a little too hot, but compared to other years where it was hit and miss on the weather, this year we hit it out of the park.  So many people came up to us afterwards and thanked us for putting on such a unique event.  During the course of the year, others have written saying they wished they lived closer as there isn’t a love for the good ol’ stuff in their neck of the woods.

We want to thank all of you for making this type of event possible, by stopping by, bringing new audio enthusiasts into the fold and just for supporting our company.  Without all of you, there wouldn’t be us – Innovative Audio.



October 2013

WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR HALLOWEEN – Thursday, October 31st.

It’s a BIG deal to our family and neighbourhood. Thanks for your understanding.


Welcome Fall!

Short & sweet – lots of new products coming in. Be sure to check our continually changing stock.

Sorry for the shortness of this month’s write-up but all my spare time is being taken up with my Halloween project. Yup… it’s a huge undertaking and I’m loving it. I’ll post pictures in November and then you’ll see why!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for new products as well. Killer deals can be found here!

Until next month,


September 2013

Some would say that this part of the year is ‘the most happiest time’ as kids are back to school and all those summer chores are slowly winding down. Well perhaps BUT there is also a down side as things like garage/yard sales are also coming to an end. Over this past summer, there have been some amazing finds by some of our customers and some even found a few ‘golden ticket’ items (like Josh finding a pair of McIntosh MC30 tube mono block amps IN A BARN – DIRT CHEAP!).

But now with all those summer activities waning, this leaves more time for our favorite passion – MUSIC!

Over the past year, the interest in vinyl has taken a huge leap forward and it seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon to cash in on this craze. Companies that normally sell hair and beauty products now have a vinyl section, where others that sell foodstuffs and meat products have also allocated a place to house their record choices. Although it sounds convenient, it can also be very confusing to the newbie record collector. Why? Because buying a record is no different than buying anything else. First, ALWAYS CHECK THE LABELS! This will tell you who and where the record was made. This is extremely important as some companies purchase master discs that are overused – usually REALLY cheap – and use this to press new “180 gram” on cheap vinyl. One listen can usually put off even a seasoned record buyer, which is even less fair to someone who really wanted to get into vinyl. So, the lesson here is shop smart and buy smart. There are quite a few really awesome record stores that specialize in this field and most offer listening stations to try an album first before buying. There is a reason these stores have survived the CD/DVD/Home Theater/Blu-Ray onslaughts by doing what they do best – by being true to the product and the customers that want good value. Do yourself a favor, and check out a few of these stores in your area. Just don’t ask them if they have a milk or shampoo section…

So, over the summer we have added a few new faces to our growing family and things here are really humming along great! We are also proud to announce that FINALLY our cartridge section is being addressed and we are currently re-stocking those items that people have been asking for! Yup, so over the next few weeks we are bringing in Shures, Grado’s, Audio Technica and more and yes, we are even taking orders on those really specialized goodies like Dynavector (there will be a 50% deposit needed on these orders first). We will do our best to ensure that these items will be part of our continuing stock, much like our record cleaners, fluids and Phono pre-amplifiers.

In addition, we have changed the way the ‘New Arrivals’ are processed. Every Thursday Susan will be updating all the items that have been processed through the week and update the website for Friday morning. At that time ALL new items will be put on to our New Arrival shelves for sale.

So that’s about it for now. As always, if there are any questions, concerns or inquires that you may have, please feel free to contact myself or Susan during normal business hours. Better yet, drop by and see what cool items have shown up since your last visit! If you’ve never made the trek in to the store, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the huge selection of equipment we have.

Until next month,


Summer 2013

With summer finally here and another great Garage Sale behind us people are taking some well deserved time off. We normally slow down a bit during this time of the year and also plan to have some vacation time for ourselves in August. With that, it should be noted that we will be closed from August 3rd and re-opening again on the 20th.

Until then, we will still be open as usual and offering great deals on fantastic audio equipment. This is also a good time to remind people about our awesome service departments. Since we specialize in both electronic AND speaker repairs this may be a great time to bring in those items that were in questionable condition when purchased from eBay, the dreaded Craigslist or other sources for repair.

As this is the season for checking out yard sales, flea markets and other boons of treasure for audio goodies, I would suggest checking out our ‘How to buy vintage audio’ article. Yes, I know, this is NOT the ‘audiophile’ version but is written to help those looking to get into the hobby, already in the hobby but not deep enough to upset the wife, and those that just love the thrill of the hunt. Oh yeah, and if you happen to find something you think we would be interested in, let us know, we are always looking for great gear and you may make a few bucks along the way!

We hope you have a great summer!

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