December 2013

Wow, Christmas season already! I simply cannot believe how fast this year went by.

So before we go any further you may have noticed that our web site is a wee bit different. Yup, we decided that it was time to stop the screaming and bitching and adopt the software to ease into the new mobile device market. So what really does this mean? Well, the biggest advantage is that we now use WordPress, and as such our site is completely compatible to be viewed on any and all mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android etc.) as this was a cause of concern for out of town shoppers.

In addition, the site is now easier to navigate! As this is still kinda new, we hope that you take a look around and if you see something that looks odd, or out of place or have an idea or suggestion, just let us know, and we will do our best to implement those suggestions.  Also let us know if you have any links that are not working!  We’ve tested a lot of them but when you take a whole site, flip it inside out, and try to make things fit, there is bound to be an issue or two somewhere.

Every year we close our shop during the holidays to allow our staff and family some ‘down time’ to really enjoy the season. As a family based shop, we do not believe in grasping every last dollar with mad sales and shopping blitzes like the ‘big box’ stores do, but feel that Christmas is a season best spent with family and friends, some good food and music, and to enjoy the things that make our lives special.

With that, I want to take the time to thank all of our great customers for a truly awesome year.  Some of the many changes and additions we have implemented over the past year are due only because of the loyalty and support of our clientele.  Also, I personally want to tip my hat to those that make this place run as well as it does because of their dedication to doing the best they can.

So to Brian, Marc, Edwin, Susan, James, John, Mark and Tim – thank you! You guys ROCK!

From:  December 22 (Sunday) and reopen: January 2nd (Thursday)

From all of us here at Innovative Audio we want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Until 2014,


October 2013

WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR HALLOWEEN – Thursday, October 31st.

It’s a BIG deal to our family and neighbourhood. Thanks for your understanding.


Welcome Fall!

Short & sweet – lots of new products coming in. Be sure to check our continually changing stock.

Sorry for the shortness of this month’s write-up but all my spare time is being taken up with my Halloween project. Yup… it’s a huge undertaking and I’m loving it. I’ll post pictures in November and then you’ll see why!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for new products as well. Killer deals can be found here!

Until next month,


Summer 2013

With summer finally here and another great Garage Sale behind us people are taking some well deserved time off. We normally slow down a bit during this time of the year and also plan to have some vacation time for ourselves in August. With that, it should be noted that we will be closed from August 3rd and re-opening again on the 20th.

Until then, we will still be open as usual and offering great deals on fantastic audio equipment. This is also a good time to remind people about our awesome service departments. Since we specialize in both electronic AND speaker repairs this may be a great time to bring in those items that were in questionable condition when purchased from eBay, the dreaded Craigslist or other sources for repair.

As this is the season for checking out yard sales, flea markets and other boons of treasure for audio goodies, I would suggest checking out our ‘How to buy vintage audio’ article. Yes, I know, this is NOT the ‘audiophile’ version but is written to help those looking to get into the hobby, already in the hobby but not deep enough to upset the wife, and those that just love the thrill of the hunt. Oh yeah, and if you happen to find something you think we would be interested in, let us know, we are always looking for great gear and you may make a few bucks along the way!

We hope you have a great summer!